We are a family of two adults (allegedly), two girls, and two enormous dogs.  We’re embarking on an10419623_10152350993683963_1419566052768536257_nadventure to fit out an old 1979 Mercedes Benz school bus into a comfortable, gorgeous home in which we can travel this beautiful country of Australia and we’re attempting to do it without taking out loans.  We’ll blog the process for anyone who’s interested in looking at doing the same thing so you can see if it’s something you’d like to do as well and learn from our (hopefully minimal) mistakes.

We currently live in the  beautiful Yarra Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne and both Brad (husband) and I (Tracie) work in the sustainability field.  We decided that it was time for us to walk the talk and so minimal living and the creation of a tiny house seemed like the logical step.  We’re just glad that we hadn’t gotten around to tying ourselves down with a mortgage so we are free to move where we want to with the idea with less overheads, we won’t need to spend so much time working to cover them, and we can spend more time with each other and our family.  Which is all either of us really want to do.

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    • Hi Jake, thanks for that! Sorry, I thought I’d replied to this message when you first posted it. It is indeed inspiring. There are all sorts of awesome projects going on all around the world. Keep ’em coming my way if you see any others you like.


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