It’s been another really big break between blog posts.  We did seem to get in to a bit of a lull with progress for a few weeks, we had some nasty end-of-winter colds and other things getting in the way, however when we look back, we realise we have been at least a bit productive.  I’ll make this blog post mostly photos so you can all see where we’re up to now 🙂Toward back 2.9.2015

This is looking from near the entrance of the bus to the back where B built a door to be able to close off the sleeping area from the living space.  It’s a little wonky, but I love it for that very reason.  The shower that is between the toilet and couch has been taken out in this photo so that our carpenter could build the toilet enclosure but it means you can see more to
the back.  I’ve also painted the sliding toilet door blue, which you can’t see from this shot.

Since then, we’ve sourced a laundry sink to go in the kitchen for use as the kitchen sink because it’s a lot deeper than most kitchen sinks (so I have more of an excuse to let the dishes pile up) and I’ve spray painted that the same cobalt blue as the kitchen cabinet and toilet door.  I’ve also continued the pressed metal backing all the way to the back of the fridge, and finished painting the window frames in a rust guard hammered copper finish which makes quite a difference, I think.

Kitchen 29.10.2015

We’re down to the small touches now apart from finishing the plumbing, running the wiring through the roof, which means we can finish the ceiling and then the floors.  B has installed shelving on both sides of the bus over the windows which was a bit of a nightmare as the walls are just a few sheets of metal but he researched and found a tool that has saved the day and the man at the hardware store said he’s never seen one before in his life.  However, I can’t remember the name of it so if you absolutely want to know, leave me a message and I’ll find out what it’s called 🙂

So we finished the shelving yesterday, and then installed some strip lighting LEDs along the underside of both sides of the bus, which can be warm white, cold white or any other colour you can think of, for when bus dance parties are required.  We had one yesterday afternoon to celebrate finishing the shelves.  What better reason do you need?

Kitchen 2 3.11.2015

We also had a nearly new queen mattress delivered yesterday morning from a gentleman from Gumtree who was happy to deliver it so now our bedroom is nearly complete and very very cosy.  We’re just about to work out the reading lamp situation and where they will be situated.  We obviously want LED lights and 12v or 24v but most of the ones I can find are really modern looking and don’t really fit in with the kind of gypsy/Moroccan decor thing we’ve got going on, so I will keep looking.  Perhaps I’ll have to get some and paint them with my hammered copper paint and hope they look more steampunk than modern. Our bed 3.11.2015

We moved the shower back in yesterday so we can mark it out for plumbing.  I’m hoping we don’t have todo that too many more times as it’s pretty bulky in such a small space.  I’ve included a picture of the glass painting I’m doing on the toilet window for privacy but it’s hard to get a clear picture of it with the light outside and all of the greenery we’ve got.  It’s a stylised tree with different coloured leaves and I think it will work well when it’s finished.  It’s all experimentation as I’ve never done any glass painting before. Hopefully it won’t be so long before another post.   Byeeeeee.  

Bathroom glass painting 3.11.2015

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