So much progress, so little time

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last blog update and the main reason for that is that we’ve been so busy on the bus that we haven’t had time to write one.  Also, it’s school holidays so whilst that means we’ve had more time at home, we’ve also had to entertain a certain small daemon.  It’s also the week that B and I realised that we can actnew seat coverings and tableually do stuff.  Because we did stuff. As B says, ‘years of self doubt and inner chatter about how we can’t do anything, gone in an instant’.  Or, at the most, a weekend.  We spent the last weekend, recovering couches, cause we reckoned we could.  We adapted ikea furniture to suit our purposes, cause we reckoned we could, and converted a carved chest of drawers I’ve had for about twenty years into a movable stool/pouffe with storage, because we thought that would be an awesome idea (that one didn’t work out quite the way we wanted but we can fix it)

B has realised that he has new couch 2 8.7.2015awesome carpentry skills and we feel much more capable to tackle a lot more of the work ourselves.  So, since the last blog update, the couch has been finished, the bus seats have been recovered with some dark blue microsuede material that I’ve been dragging around with me from house to house wondering what to do with it.  We’ve built a table with storage from the aforementioned ikea table and got a secondhand sideboard for $50 which I am in the midst of painting to use as part of the kitchen cabinetry.  Oh, and tonight we picked up a front loader washing machine which will make up part of the kitchen.  So, for the kitchen, all we need now is the fridge and the oven/cooktop.   Here is B’s awesome table with storage that sits in front of the old bus seats that will be installed with seatbelts and used for travelling.  It means that Indi could sit there when we’re driving and do colouring or work on her laptop or whatever.  It’s also another workbench that could be used for kitcheney things.repurposed ikea table

Of course, once we have all of these things, we have to plumb/install them.  That’s going to cost a bit as we don’t have any expertise in that, but that’s ok.  We’d rather have them in properly.   This is the sideboard when it arrived.  Indi helped me paint it bright colours with the paint that we had lying around.  I’m painting it a solid royal blue over those bright colours and then sanding it back to give it a distressed look in places so those colours shine through.  I think it’s going to work really well and add some nice colour.  You can see the bright colours in the next photo.   In the photo at the bottom, you can see the front loader washing machine and next to it the sideboard with the first coat of the royal blue.

And finally, Indi making a nest in the shower with the foam we’re lining the ceiling with, the cute button.

sideboard 7.7.2015sideboard half done 8.7.2015washing machine and sideboard 8.7.2015Indi in shower-nest 8.7.2015


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