A long weekend of work

This weekend we had an extra day at home due to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday on Monday.  Thanks Queen!  It was super-cold but wBedroom before sponging 10.6.2015e had a little heater in the bus and it’s amazing how toasty we were as it’s so easy to heat such a small space.  A big reason for having a tiny house is the low cost of heating and cooling to keep us comfortable.  As we hope to be off grid in the not to distant future, we’re having to consider the best options for doing that and we’ve seen online these awesome reverse cycle air conditioners that run off 12volt (rather than the usual RV aircons that still need to be connected to 240volt mains power.  We have a skylight in the sleeping area that we’ll replace with one of these when we can get our hands on one, which will at least ensure that we have a comfortable sleeping temperature whether we’re in cold old Tasmania or toasty Far North Queensland and everywhere in between.  But for now, with an extension lead coming in the window for power, a little heater is all that we need to stay cosy. Brad cut up some of the thin blue foam we bought the week before to line the roof area.  This is to create a vapour barrier between the cold metal of the roof and the insulation we’ll put in before we finish off the ceiling with some marine ply.  This gem of information was given to us by Paul of Blue Bus Journey and it’s invaluable as we would never have thought of that ourselves.  As the foam is waterproof, it will stop condensation forming between the cold roof and the warm interior.  It helps to have friends in the know 🙂

So, we painted the walls oIndi sponging 10.6.2015f the sleeping area a teal/turquoise colour, as we were originally going for a Moroccan kind of feel but once it was done, I felt that it was a bit stark.  Also, given that whoever had the bus before us painted the entire back area with a brush, all of the brushmarks were still visible and I didn’t really like the look.  So Indi and I decided we would sponge the same cobalt blue of the cupboard space and bed frames over the teal.  Then, we went for a jaunt out to the hardware store and bought some purple to go over that.  We sat on our beds for a while looking at it and I thought ‘you know what?  I think I hate this’.  After a period of time, I realised that once the bookshelf goes up the top, and some wall cabinets go on the side, only a small amount of it would be visible and perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad, but I am still feeling like we would get sick of it pretty quickly.  I think I’d rather sand it back and paint it with that suede effect paint, which would hide the original brushmarks, but not give such a full-on effect.  Probably like the purple below.  I feel another trip to the hardware store coming on!Purple suede paint

So, the next big item to complete, rather than screwing around with painting and prettifying, is to work out what to do with the bathroom area.  We’ve measured up the space between the sleeping area and the front couch, and if our measurements are correct (a dubious prospect), the we should have enough room for the composting toilet (which has arrived and is WAY bigger than I expected but super awesome), a fibreglass shower cubicle (that needs to face into the centre of the bus as the depth of them would jut out too far into the centre) and a little set of drawers that can be used on the other side of the shower wall as a side table to the couch.  I happen to have bought an Ikea folding table with centre draws a while ago with the idea that it could be used as a dining table in the bus but that didn’t work out, however we’re going to pull it apart and use the constituent bits for various things around the bus – and it seems to just fit right as the side table to the couch.  Vindication foIkea folding tabler an impulse buy.  You’ve gotta love that!

We’ve found a shower cubicle that we think will fit so on the weekend we’ll go for a drive out and have a look at it, just to make sure.  Of course, we’ll have to build the internal walls to go around it but I’m sure we can get Luke back in for a day or so to do that, and get it plumbed in.  However, once that’s done, it’s only the kitchen to do, and internally at least, we’re ready to rock and roll!  See what I mean about the sponging?

Back bedroom window 10.6.2015

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