It’s starting to look like a tiny house

Things are really starting to move along at Chateau Beauregard.  After a week and a bit of work from our carpenter, we now have the queen bed at the back done, with stacks of storage underneath from the hinged bed (super heavy duty, we’ll have to get gas struts fitted to help us lift it), Indbedroom area 1.6.2015i’s sleeping nook, which will have cupboards and drawers underneath – complete with hanging space for shirts and Indi’s school dresses, and Miss Q’s sleeping nook/playing couch, also with a hinged lid for storage underneath.  We went and got two foam mattresses made for their beds as they are odd shapes and it’s starting to look really cosy.  It also gives Indi somewhere comfortable to play when we’re working in there.

couch storage 1.6.2015We also have the couch built in the front of the bus, with a hinged lid for storage as well.  We spent the weekend priming, painting and staining the walls and beds in the bedroom area.  It’s a real lesson in using good quality marine ply for internal walls as I am staining them using polyethelene and some awesome tints in shades of blue, green and purple so that we can see the wood grain but still have beautiful colours. However the wall over the sleeping nook/playing couch is wood that isn’t the best quality and we’re not happy with how it came out.  We plan to give it a good sand and paint over it with chalkboard paint so the girls have a place to create their masterpieces. I saw at the hardware store the other day that you can get chalkboard paint in different colours now so we’ll probably go for a fun purple or something like that.  We’ll have to install a little shelf or something to catch the chalk dust.

Last night, just as the light was fading (which is early now – today is the first day of Winter) I scraped off the emergency exit stickers etc on the windows and bogged up random screw holes in the walls.  The next step is priming and painting the whole upper half of the inside of the bus.  The lower half is a dark grey vinyl which we were thinking to replace but it’s actually in really good condition and you won’t see most of it when the kitchen et al is in, so depending on how it looks with the above section painted, we might leave it alone.

The toilet is due to be delivered today and when we’ve got that we can sort out exactly the best place for it and the shower.  At the moment we’re thinking that we’ll make a combined bathroom with both toilet and shower in but it will depend largely on how much clearance room we need to be able to take the composting tray out.  So, once the bathroom is done, it’s just installing a kitchen and we’re done!  It’s so amazing how quickly it’s taking shape.

Indi sanding bedroom wall 31.5.201

bedroom wall 1.6.2015

Indi helping with the sanding in the bedroom, and the end product.

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