Day five

bednook3 27.5.15We’re up to day five of the build and it’s getting pretty exciting.  The back of the bus is pretty much done from a structural build perspective with just the couch/bed/play area lid to do.  So it’s painting and making it pretty time.  Indi is pretty stoked with her bed nook and Brad and I got up in there and a normal full sized human could sleep in there pretty comfortably.

Luke will be finishing the couch/bed tomorrow and if he has time in the afternoon, he might start on the couch at the front of the bus.  We wanted to get the shower and toilet done next but are still waiting for the toilet to get here from Adelaide and it’s probably best  to wait to get it and put it in situ before we work out the exact way the bathroom will sit.bednook1 27.5.15

So I think this weekend I will attempt to insulate the ceiling and maybe even line it with some marine ply which should bend enough to curve with the roof.  Although, there are a lot of rivets in the roof frame we’ll need to drill out first, argh.  Still, it’s super-awesome to see the progress and if we wanted to put mattresses in we could sleep in there now.  Might get a bit frosty though, without insulation.  Worth it!

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