A quick photo update and musings on minimalism

Just a quick update with the start of the bed nook build.  Indi is pretty excited about the space that will be just for her.  I suspect we’re going to have tobedframe 22.5.15 have a pretty serious discussion about how many toys she can actually fit in there.  At the moment she has the biggest bedroom in the house and it’s full – and I mean FULL – of toys.  She says she understands that she can’t have them all in her nook with her, there’d be no room for her, but I’m not sure that she quite grasped the idea that she will only get her special things there.  In some ways, I think perhaps we’re all going to find going minimal harder than we think, although currently Brad and I are on a purging spree – garage sales, ebay, donating and just throwing out the things that aren’t good enough to give away.  It’s a freeing experience and hopefully we won’t miss those things too much.  It has felt good to get rid of a lot of clothes, some that I’ll never wear, and some that I’ll never wear again, thank you childbirth 🙂  Luckily I have lots of babe friends who can fit into the special clothes, usually bought at or for music festivals that I’ll never fit in to again but that are too beautiful to just give away to strangers.  I’ve even given my wedding dress away.  I found some great advice on the internet (I can’t remember the source right now but I’ll quote them if I can find it) who said the best thing to do with items that have a lot of sentimental value but that you’ll never wear or use again is to take a photo of yourself in/with the item, or even better, with the person who gave you the item, if that’s why it’s significant, and if they’re still around.  Because really, it’s the memory of that person or time that is important, not the material thing.  And obviously I have a lot of photos in my wedding dress but I’ll never wear it again.  So anything that isn’t beautiful or useful that will find a home in Ms Beauregard will have to either be rehomed, or if it’s too big to go in the bus, like our piano etc, will have to go in to storage.  I’ve packed a few special things away for Indi for when she’s older that she might like to have, like some sherry glasses that were my grandmother’s, but the rest is on its way to a new adventure.

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