Day two of the internal build or ‘why a good carpenter is a godsend’

It’s only ten days until Winter here in South Eastern Australia (we live in the Yarra Ranges, among some of the most beautiful forest I’ve ever seen).

This mabed frame 20.5.15kes working out in our driveway a fairly chilly and wet experience.  We came home last night to see that on the first day of the build, Luke has managed to source the material we’ll need for the back sleeping part of the bus, set up his equipment, start cutting and building our bed frame.  It is super heavy duty which is good as both Brad and I are not tiny people.  It’s already hinged at the back so the whole bed can be lifted up for access to the storage underneath and also because there is internal access to the engine there should we need to go in from the top.  He’s also building cute little hideyholes for things and making really clever use of space.  We’re lucky to have him.  On each side coming forward from our queen bed there will be a sleeping nook for the girls and more storage under there.  So. Freakin’. Exciting!

bedframe 21.5.15

However, there are always lessons to learn and one of them is to expect the unexpected costs and to make your peace with them.  Luke quite correctly pointed out that the bus is on a very slight lean to one side, which I guess is to be expected living in the hills however it means that he can’t use a level to make sure that the build is completely straight.  This means more work for him in constantly measuring to ensure things are straight.  We’ll need to get some levelers under the wheels to fix this but that also means starting her up – and her batteries are flat.  So we’ll need to get that sorted too.  Also, one of the window seals is leaking quite badly, right where Luke is trying to work, meaning the woodwork will get wet and possibly damage the wood.  So the lesson here is, there are always going to be unexpected things that get in the way of what you want to do, and feeling disappointed about that will take away your joy at all of the things that are going right.  I’m still working on that, but I have a feeling it will become quite an important skill in working towards making Ms Beauregard a beauty.

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