Actually NOW the work begins

I can’t believe it’s been so long since the bus came home to live with us.  We decided that we wouldn’t take out any loans or borrow any money to undertake this mission.  The whole point is that we do this to free ourselphotoves financially, not make extra burdens for our shoulders.  So, it’s taken us this long to save enough money to get started properly.  In the interim, we’ve stripped out the seats, the ceiling and the insulation to leave a shell to start building in.

Today is the day that our carpenter Luke is beginning the build on the internals, starting from the back of the bus with our bedroom, then the girl’s sleeping nooks.  Then (depending on how much this all costs) moving forward to work on the toilet and shower, the kitchen and finally the living space towards the front.  Brad and I hope to be able to help (read: get in the way) as much as possible so we can learn some of the skills.  Both of us currently work in offices, so we have little to no experience in how to do anything practical – although I am planning on making some stained glass windows for the toilet and shower area, so we still have some light with privacy, and hopefully beauty, at the same time.

Oh, and we sourced a Sunmar Excel composting toilet from South Australia secondhand and that is being picked up and delivered to us as we speak from my folks’ house.  The fact that it has a heating element in it that desiccates the waste to a dry powder means that we won’t need to install blackwater plumbing or a holding tank which saves us more room under the bus for fresh water.  Hooray!  Who would have thought I would ever be so excited about a toilet?

One of the wonderful things that has helped to kickstart this process was making our first bus friends!  Eating breakfast one morning at a local cafe, we saw a really cool housebus parked alongside.  Brad asked the friendly, dreadlocked gentleman serving us if it was his (lucky guess) and we were promptly invited inside for a look.  Alyce and Paul are bussing their way around the country and interviewing interesting people along the way.  They have just left our area for the next leg of their adventure 😦 but you can read about their travels in the Blue Bus on  I would really recommend it.

I can’t wait to get home and see where we’re at!

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